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A little Conan and Gavin

Anyone else see Gavin on the Conan O'Brien show?

Apparently Gavin's formed a new band called "Institution" and they're releasing an album this summer while Bush is "on ice" (directly quoted from Gavin). Gavin is also starring in the upcoming flick Constantine (that one with Keanu Reeves and that chick from The Mummy) as Balthazar (the devil's right hand man).

Excited? I think so.
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hey do you know anything more about the band?

i tried looking around for it but i cant seem to find it anywhere :/
I wish. But, things seem to be kept pretty quiet. Hopefully they won't fizzle out. Us fans are still alive!

Nevertheless, we can at least still be supportive of Gavin. Conan was like, "Since Bush broke up..." (insert my highly audible *gasp* here) and Gavin interrupted him right away and was like, "No, we're just on ice"... I'm not sure exactly what that means... but I can hope that they're just going through some difficult times and just need a rest. But, then again I wouldn't want the band to stick together if they feel they can't work together - then they just wouldn't have the magic anymore. Why ruin a good thing?
OMG. I have to go see that movie now. lol. I wanna know more about the new band too.
"institute," not institution.
Right. Ooops. You should post their real name so everyone knows I messed up. Know anything more about it?
There's not a whole lot of info going around or leaks of the album or anything. We do know from another interview (I can't remember where from...) that Chris Traynor (formerly of Helmet, and then Bush on the last tour) will be playing guitar. And that the album's supposed to come out in like, June or July. Yeah.
oh Chris is still going to do it?
Who did he say was the other guys? I know he said 3 were from Brooklyn and the drummer was in a previous hardcore band.
I hope it isn't Larry from glassjaw / head automatica. He left Glassjaw..and used to play in a band with Chris Traynor I believe.
I love GJ and HA but Larry gets under my skin.
ohh he said someone was from the band Rival Schools.
I vaguely remember the only other person who had any sort of fame was some guy who used to be in the hardcore band Rival Schools, which I think Chris joined for a bit? But then left? So yeah. I guess we'll see, eventually :)
i started to cry when he said he had another band cause most likely there will be no more bush.... :tear:
He just said Bush is on ice. Nigel doesn't want to tour because of having a family etc.
We can't call it quits yet. He said there will be at least one more bush record.
I LOVE BUSH!! Anyone have more info please tell me!! it owuld be great if they kept on making music cuase i've been listening to them ever since i was 5 (in 1995)
He was on Kroq here in L.A. and said that the Institute album is called "Distort yourself" and it's scheduled to come out in July... I can't wait. I saw Constantine on Friday... It's the best you guys have to go see it. Oh and he also said that Bush is "on ice" because Nigel doesnt really want to tour right now cause he feels that he's missed a lot of family time and needs to spend some time with his family. I'll type up the kroq interview if you guys want... Laterz!

x yolie x
i love bush can i join your site
On ice! what the hell does that mean, ugh, I can't stand it. It's driving me crazy that I haven't heard anything new form them besides Adrenaline<--(sp)
I hope that Gavin's "side project" isn't anything like Gwen's cause man does her's suck! I know many people live her music but personlaly i can not stand it.