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Does anyone remember Sacha? (edit!)

Apparently, he's the father of Geri Halliwell's baby.

Geri, 33, apparently told friends during lunch in Los Angeles of her happy news. The pair have ended their relationship but his show of support was confirmed this Tuesday. According to The Sun, Sacha Gervasi, a British screenwriter, said he "fully intends to give Geri and the baby all the love and support they need".

The 39-year-old played drums with the rock band Bush, before making the switch to screenwriting. His movie credits include The Terminal, which starred Tom Hanks and Catherine Zeta-Jones, and he has recently signed up to pen a big screen version of the Eighties soap opera Dallas.
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i totally don't remember him, nor do i remeber bush ever being called the diceheads! when i read sacha i thought it was Sacha sacha (i forget his surname now!)
Hm, maybe I'm getting my Sacha's confused...! Whoops!
The Sasha we know and love is Sasha Puttnam--I'm thinking this may have been the drummer BEFORE Robin? So that would least to me, he was never really in Bush? LOL.

Interesting, though!
he apparently drummed when they were called the diceheads? so to me he was never in bush either. maybe its the drummer that played in the pub and robin told gavin how crap the drummer was and that he should hire him instead?
That's exactly what I was thinking :)
they were called the diceheads once?
That's right, I forgot his last name. But why would he even mention being in the band, the weirdo.
I know, right?!

Talk about clinging onto fame!
he was mos def not in bush. diceheads, yea, maybe but not bush. no.